Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Some finishes

It was a nice morning, so we took a few pictures of projects I recently finished.  First is Whirling Triangles, made with leftovers from the Stack and Whack quilt I made about a month ago.  I quilted it myself, very simply going diagonally in the center and doing a variety of simple things with the walking foot in the borders.  I think that will be "it" for Stack and Whacks for me.  I am more of a sampler person.

Next are the front and back of On the Beach, made with fabric my mom sent me for Christmas.  When she said it was difficult to know what to get me, I suggested she just go to Harriet Hargrave's quilt shop fairly near her and pick a few pieces that appealed to her.  I had no idea she would go all out, buying fat eighths of all these batiks!

And here's the back which was made with scraps and a variety of orphan blocks.   I had this quilted by Mad River Quilting in a swirly overall pattern. 

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