Thursday, June 14, 2012

One of my older UFOs

Last July, I started appliqueing a 40" piece that I hope will be the center medallion of a quilt.  It's based on this wallhanging by Kim Diehl, called Bittersweet Briar.   Its size makes it a bit unwieldy to applique.  Today I finished the leaves and now "all" I have to do is applique the many little circles.  There are 14 about the size of a nickel on each stem, but I have about half of them ready to applique.
This has been one of those projects that I pick up and put down, but I am now anxious to get it finished.  It's silly to keep procrastinating on something so lovely. 

The other day I started working on some log cabin blocks that will serve as a border.  I thought this would spur me on to finish the applique, and it has.  The "chimney" is 3" and the "logs" are 1", before sewing.  They are based on a quilt I love that's owned by the Vermont Historical Society.  The background of the center medallion is various pieces of shirting, and so are the lighter logs.  So far the blocks are coming together nicely, but  I'm not yet sure how they'll be arranged for the border.  Quilting, for me, is very much a plan-as-I-go process!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I love the Kim Diehl applique - I too have thought of making that exact same piece.

Mary said...

Your Kim Diehl top is very nice. Like the log cabin quilt too.

Snippets of Carol said...

Love the center. You do such lovely work Marianne.

Pat from Florida said...

Love Kim D's designs. That applique looks wonderful!