Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My brain was overheated

It's going to be nearly 90 degrees today, and at 6 am it was already steamy.  I think I'll just stay in today and try to keep cool.  Even sewing will be a challenge!  I have almost all of the 68 log cabin blocks made except two sides of shirting on each.  They are looking good.  Paul says that by the sounds emanating from my machine, I'm being paid by the piece. 

I also have almost half of the circles appliqued onto the stems on the center medallion.   However!  I would like to clarify my previous post.   Re-reading, I neglected to say that the photo of the center medallion came from the book.  My center is still in progress, and of course, will look a little different.  I will have a plain border - not a sawtoothed one with more circle appliques.  56 floral + 3 center circles are enough for me!

Last night, we had our last Heart of Vermont guild meeting, and I'll be sorry not to attend for a few months.  We each revealed our finished (or nearly finished) mystery quilts - the Christmas quilt I'm not wild about.   We voted on a quilt block for a new guild logo, and mine won!  I forgot to take a photo, but it was a take off on the Moon Over the Mountains block, with three peaks, a large moon (or sun depending on your perspective), and a small heart appliqued on top of the mountains.  Simple but pretty.  Geri is going to scan it for use on our nametags next year and then decide what to do with it.  Meanwhile, I'll be spending my prize - a gift certificate to A Quilter's Garden!

This will come in handy since I need some Christmas fabric for a swap.  I used a lot of my stash for the mystery quilt, and last night I thought I'd replenished it by picking up a baggie of scraps from the free table.  However, when I got them home, I found they all included some glitz which I can't use in the swap.  :-(  I don't really like glitz anyway, so I guess I'll set the scraps aside and head down to the quilt shop soon. 

I'll also be looking for sashing at that time since my guild "square robin" came back to me.  I had asked for 12" blue and white blocks, and the blocks I received are just beautiful.  I have a pizza box of other blocks I've made over the year, including some from the Just Takes 2 project.   I'll be moving those blocks around a lot in the next few weeks.

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

the heat is going so far north - it is beginning to sound like all the states are getting the heat wave we are having which over all is mainly what we have every summer but a little earlier than normal.
Stay in the AC and keep cool!