Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mid-summer busy

We have been running around most of the past week, and finally there is time to sit down and reflect. Barre's annual Heritage Days Festival  kept most residents hopping.  Wednesday night Paul was the author of the week at the library.  I ran the powerpoint, and 80 people came, including several good friends, family, and neighbors.  He did a great job, despite the jitters all day long.

Thursday morning we put up the tents and tables for the Friends of the Library's summer booksale.  Ugh!  There was a soft but persistent rain the whole time, and a few people we count on were laid up for one reason or another.  Thursday night was a reception at the Vermont Historical Society for the opening of two new exhibits.  It was quite crowded, which was great, but I will have to go back soon to spend more time looking.  One fun thing was bumping into a former guest who was in town for his class reunion.  It's always nice to catch up with those people we became fond of, and I was happy to see his sister Saturday.  In fact, running into people we haven't seen for a while is one of the best things about this hectic weekend, which seems to be stretching to a Wed.-Sun. event.

Friday morning, I was down early helping with the start of the booksale, and I returned at noon for the afternoon.   Business was steady throughout the day and Saturday, and we did quite well despite being short-handed.  Friday night we indulged in the ethnic food tent and listened to the Starline Rhythm Boys in the park before heading home to rest up for Saturday.  After I set up the Democrats' table, where we registered voters and handed out various local candidates' literature, I went back to the booksale until it ended at 2 pm.  Lunch in the park was super - samosas and iced coffee.  Then I went back to the Dems' table which was right along the parade route.  What a good seat!  And, despite looking threatening for both days, the downpour held off until the parade ended.  We decided it was a good time to pack up the table and head for home a little early.  Around dinner time, people aren't inclined to think about politics anyway - they just want to enjoy the food and music, which they apparently did after the rain stopped.

This morning, the last day of Heritage Days featured a bike race, which we watched a little of, and in the afternoon, a newly renovated library branch near our house opened with a little celebration.   Tomorrow we'll be back to "normal," thank goodness!

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

very few democrats around here - I'm definitely in the minority usually although I don't always vote straight democrat - more that than republican though.