Saturday, September 15, 2012

Yard sale today

Our neighborhood yard sale was yesterday and today, but I only sold stuff today.  Fridays I volunteer at the historical society, and I didn't have that much to sell.  I set out some quilts on a rack, knowing that they wouldn't sell, but they offered some attractive color.  I did sell a whole lot of potholders made with orphan blocks - bet I had 20 made up, and I only have 4 left (did give a few to Chris for helping me).  I had one larger 12" hotpad that sold, but the other two didn't.

It is amazing what some people buy - a Ben & Jerry's t-shirt, an old pink bathroom rug, an old laptop computer, an iPod without a power cord, a cheap plastic picture frame, some old jewelry, an alabaster owl.  They did not buy empty instrument cases, several yards of fabric, a ukulele (although many looked), an antique gypsy wagon, some nice oil lamps, and a Richard Scarry book.  And they didn't want old curtain rods or skis, no matter how free.  During slow times, we cleaned the garage which really needed it.

Yesterday, it was 80 degrees and sunny, but unfortunately today it was 60 and cloudy.  My neighbors all seemed pleased with their sales, and we had a good time buying from each other.   I only bought a lovely blue and white flower pot, and Chris bought a hockey stick.  He was looking for a coffee maker, so when we couldn't find one, I gave him our backup from the basement.  I was saving it "just in case."  Hmmm - what else do I have down there that could have gone?  At any rate, I've got only two boxes of leftovers to take to goodwill on Monday, and we are having pizza for dinner tonight with some of my earnings.  I'll sleep well, having spent the whole day outside, chatting people up.

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Pat from Florida said...

Sounds lovely. Isn't it amazing what sells and what doesn't? We have a neighborhood sale coming up. Have to decide to participate, or just give away, LOL!