Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Several projects at once

Here's a picture of what's on my design wall this morning.

In the middle is my trial block for next year's Around the World swap.  I'm going to do Yankee Puzzle, so I tried it in my Loyal Union Sampler colorway of gray and blue.  (Every trial block is in that colorway this year!)  We are all making 6" blocks representing ourselves, and since I'm one of two New Englanders in the group (and probably the only one participating in the swap since Charlotte is busy with other things), that's what I chose.  Each person will send a fat eighth to each other participant who will make a block representing her and send it back.  I ordered some fat quarters for this swap from Hancock's of Paducah, but they haven't arrived yet.  They're a little "modern," which should be fun.

The block on the right is this week's Loyal Union Sampler block, Massachusetts, and while it appears easy, my finished product is a bit ragged.  I'm hoping the sashing will help.  When I put the rest of the blocks I've made away, I noticed I have about 20 made, which is nice.   About 100 more to go!

At left is a section of scrappy border for the Flying Diamonds quilt made with snippets from the diamonds.  I spent most of last week quilting the first half and have just a little left to do.  However, I need to take out some quilting, a pain-staking process fraught with worry that I'll punch a hole in the quilt.  In this case, I used multi-colored thread and don't like the look, so I'm going back to black.

To avoid that worry, I'm procrastinating by putting the last border on Candy's very colorful round robin quilt.  But we have yoga this morning, and I want to do a little holiday shopping and baking this afternoon.  These are busy times!

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I haven't done yoga in years, I keep telling myself I need to start again but the only class is in the morning and I'm not an exercise in the morning person!