Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend projects

I made the Loyal Unions Sampler  block of the week and a couple of Nearly Insane  blocks over the weekend.  Here's a look at my design wall this morning.  I'll be packing them up as I make more this week.
I must be in a gray mode lately because I also made this pillow out of two old t-shirts.  I got the idea from a program at my guild meeting a few months ago.  You cut out two 14" squares from one t-shirt and use another one to cut 1 1/2" strips which you ruffle and sew on.  It was very easy, and the hardest part was sewing the opening closed after putting the pillow form inside.  T-shirt fabric can be uncooperative sometimes.  The base t-shirt was a little darker than the ruffles, just by chance, but I like the effect.  I don't know if someone will be receiving this for Christmas.  I like it too much to part with just now!

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