Sunday, December 8, 2013

Beginning hand applique class

I had a call from Dee of our LQS this week, asking me if I would do another hand applique class this winter.  I enjoyed doing two classes in the past, but I thought maybe I wouldn't commit myself again.  It's a little stressful!  Anyway, in a moment of weakness, I said I would, and we settled on two Saturdays in January.  So I've been busy testing different types of applique and making class samples.  Here are two.

The top hearts are made using freezer paper underneath, and the bottom heart is reverse applique.  I'll also spend time on needle turn since some people feel that is the "true" applique, and I have been practicing with celtic bias strips, various types of glue, and even used dryer sheets.  I am preparing some blocks so that people will be able to jump right into trying to do the applique stitch, too.  Guess I'll end up with a Valentine's Day sampler by the end! 
I finished quilting the Flying Diamonds quilt and now have "only" the binding to hand sew to the back.  But that little project is waiting til I stop working on my samples for the class... and then there are Christmas preparations, too!   Chris and I got the traditional village up this afternoon, and the tree is waiting for assembly.  I always get everything out a little at a time.  This year, Christmas seems to be coming up faster than normal.

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I think the season seems to be early because Thanksgiving seemed "late" this year. Have fun with the class.