Sunday, December 29, 2013

BoB Challenge

Above are strips I have had been shuffling around for months with the idea that they would make a cute tote bag.  I even bought a coordinating fat quarter for handles, pockets, etc., as well as a pattern.  Then I watched a You Tube video with Jenny Doan of the Missouri Star Quilt Company with an even easier pattern.  Will January be the month that I finally get going on this?

One of the online groups I belong to is going to have a "BoB (Bag of Blocks) Challenge" this year.  Monthly, we'll post a photo of a project we want to start/finish, and, when we do finish, we'll post another photo.  Everyone who finishes will be entered into a drawing for a prize chosen and provided by yours truly.  I don't exactly know what these prizes will be every month, but I want to make them fun and interesting.  Books, patterns, gadgets, templates, FQs, etc.?  Hmmmmm......

I'm not eligible for prizes, but I want to work along with everyone else, simply because I need to!  I made a running list of UFOs on my phone the other day, and it took more than one screen to complete.  Not good!  And those UFOs keep on being created, even as I finish things.  So it would be nice to get a handle on them and not get too far behind in 2014.  If I were one to make resolutions, I guess that would be mine.  Happy New Year!

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