Sunday, December 22, 2013

Pretty / ugly

It appears that Blogger will only allow me to post one photo per post.  No problem...I guess!  Above are the two fabrics I drew for the Calico County guild's annual "pretty - ugly" challenge.  Each of us brings in a fat quarter we deem pretty and another that we think is ugly.  These go into two bags, and then we all draw out different fat quarters.  These were mine this year, although the "ugly" one is a bit larger than a fat quarter.  I am thinking about doing Celtic knots on a white background.  It only needs to be about 12" square so shouldn't be too hard.  I thought that the "ugly" fabric would look just fine cut as a bias strip.  So I now have two challenges to complete for 2014.  This one's due in February, so it will be the first I work on.

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