Monday, March 16, 2015

A bunch a blocks

This weekend, I got serious, making the ten rainbow scrap challenge and two Sarah's Sampler blocks for the month/week.  They turned out pretty good!

This month's color was "cyan" or teal or turquoise - whatever isn't quite green or quite blue.  I had to stack one on top of a friendship star for the photo, but there are really ten here.
 Most are fairly simple 9" finished blocks, but I must say that "darting birds" (top center) was a challenge since I am using my older machine.  The newer one (at least 10 years old!) is in for its annual cleaning and tune up.  When I delivered it last week, I mentioned that the bobbin case is loose again, and Carl said that might require a new part or so.  But then, he said, maybe not.  We'll see. 

Meanwhile, I'm using the old reliable Viking 100 which is fine but is a little slower.  No needle up/down, more possibilities for tangling when taking those first few stitches, smaller bobbin, etc.

Nonetheless, I managed to make Posies Round the Park and a version of the Little Red Schoolhouse, both 12" finished.  I am really enjoying the combination of grays and oranges.

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