Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What to do when the power goes off

So glad I can hand sew! Unlike many of my neighbors I had something to keep me busy this morning while we fretted about when the heat and lights would come back on. I took the briefest of showers knowing that the water could turn cold at any minute.  We have a hot-water-on-demand system, so the storage tank isn't too big, and Paul had already had a shower.  The computer went totally silent, which could mean that the old thing had finally died, but luckily it meant everything was off.  Of course, my cell phone worked so I wasn't totally disconnected. 

I'm not sure why this happened since it rarely does.  But I did see a fire engine roar by and, about an hour later, go back the way it came.  Soon thereafter, the power came back on, and luckily, so did the furnace.  It's only six months old, so we aren't sure how reliable it will be.  Now we know!   Still, all the clocks in the kitchen were blinking - stove, microwave, coffee maker.  Ugh!  I went next door to Marilyn's to check on things, too, and ended up resetting her stove clock.  Lucky gal, she's in Florida til May 1.

In the meantime, I emptied the dishwasher, watered plants, decluttered my sewing room so Polly can sleep there tonight (she's moving tomorrow), and readied a label for a quilt I finished ages ago.  I have four hangers to finish sewing for VHS and one more hanging sleeve to sew on.  When the power came on, I hopped onto Facebook and Angela tempted me with the Improved Jack's Chain pattern.  Wouldn't it be pretty in scrappy colors?  Oh, PayPal, you are my downfall!

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I wouldn't want to be in Vermont with no heat at this time of year! glad it didn't last long.