Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A work in progress

Please forgive the wierd angle of this photo.  It is on top of a finished quilt which makes taking a photo a bit deceptive.  I may have shown you this round robin quilt after it came back to me.  I started with the very simple center block, using parts of a charm pack from Moda's "Lady Slipper Lodge" fabric line.  I added various coordinating scraps and sent it on its way to four other quilters from an online group.  They made the succeeding rounds, and the quilt came back to me about a month ago.   I love the variety that comes from a group project, and this group is one of the best - careful, timely, precise.

I spread the top out on the bed in my sewing room and then spent a lot of time looking at it, trying to figure out what to do next.  It measured 42" square when it arrived home, and I don't really have much use for a wallhanging here.  So I decided on the 8" "Indian Hatchet" squares from www.quilterscache.com.  This necessitated searching online for more "Lady Slipper Lodge" fabric which I found on www.etsy.com.  Both the yardage and another charm pack arrived quickly, and I had enough fabric from another coordinating line to make the plain border (really a wide "coping strip").

The top now measures 65" square.  Three plain borders of varying sizes - green, off-white print, and purple prints - should finish it to about 80".  I will quilt it myself, albeit slowly, and I hope to cut a wavy edge after quilting.  It looks very summery to me but perhaps that's just my own perspective.  We've had some hot weather lately and even put the air conditioning in the sewing room.  That's where I'll be if we get another heat wave.

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