Friday, May 27, 2016

Chair seats, the holiday

My sewing yesterday was confined to a bit of fabric cutting and tack pounding - not a stitch was taken, but I'm happy with the results.  A long time ago, Polly gave me some tulip fabric.  It was heavier than normal quilting cotton and would look good as replacement chair seat covers.  I finally got around to cutting out a cover for one seat a few weeks ago, and yesterday I went over to Joann Fabrics for the tacks.  On my trip through the store, I ran into Cathy, a former library volunteer, who I hadn't seen in years.  She always brought in the most delicious blueberry muffins when she came on Thursdays, and I really judge every muffin I encounter against hers.  Nothing can compare!    I was reminded of her rhubarb muffins - really must make a batch soon.

I came home with some black denim to cover Chris' chair.  I wanted to have something that coordinates with our new dining room chairs which have charcoal gray cloth seats.  Chris' pants rivets scratch the surface of my chairs, so I asked him to use another chair.  He said he didn't mind as long as he had one.  The two chair seats didn't take any time at all to recover with some batting and the fabric.  We missed our workbench that we left at our old house when we used the front stoop to pound the tacks into one chair.  That was cumbersome, so I used my desk for the second one.  Over the weekend, I'll see if I can do the other two chairs that we got years ago at a yard sale.  I'll do another tulip chair and a denim chair since I have plenty of each fabric.

We have a nice weekend planned, and it's going to be a warm start to the summer.  Tomorrow we'll head over to Burlington for a special tour of the Lakeview Cemetery where some Civil War heroes are buried.   We'll be meeting some friends there and get a bite to eat afterwards.  Sunday I'm taking a friend shopping for something to wear at her son's upcoming wedding in California.  And along the way, we'll be grilling and eating salads.  Hope your start to the summer is fun, too!

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

would love the rhubarb muffin recipe - I have some in the freezer to use up. Have a fun weekend