Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ready for quilt camp

Today I baked a lemon Bundt cake for tomorrow's sewing day organized by one of my guilds, beginning at 8 am at the Knights of Columbus hall. There will be coffee, chili, cornbread, and we're supposed to bring our own lunches! Besides lunch, I'm bringing the Winding Ways quilt for sandwiching and the rest of my Stack & Whack block pieces to sew. I also have a bag of large solid pieces (mostly polyester) that another quilter gave me for the give away table, along with a few notions and knitting supplies. Jen is moving and cleaning her house, so I'm looking forward to doing a little grazing myself.

This a potholder I made for the local guild's March guest speaker. This year, we have divided into teams to plan each month's guild meeting, and I'm on the March team which has not really met all year. We've had conversations on the run and via email. Hope some of our members are there tomorrow so we can talk about the program which will include a slide talk by the curator of the Vermont Historical Society. We are making potholders as a thank you to her, and I'm hoping we'll organize an exchange for a drawing.

Over lunch, the state quilt guild board (I'm the recording secretary) will be meeting since we'll be holding the May state meeting there at the K of C. We can look it over with an eye toward where things will be. Our main speaker will discuss her amazing "crop circle" quilts. But how will we organize show and tell? Will there be enough room for vendors and food? And what will we do about lunch?

If I still have energy after the lunch/meeting, I'll stay for a while and sew some more. I should be doing my taxes but guess I'll proscrastinate til Sunday.

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karenfae said...

yummy - lemon bundt cake - have not had one for years.