Sunday, February 26, 2012

Blue and white sampler progress

You're looking at a pizza box full of blue and white blocks, many made over the last few days. They are all sizes but should work well together. In the fall, I gathered a bunch of blue and whites for my guild's "square robin" this year. When it all comes back, I'll have eight 12" blocks made by other people to add to the blocks in this box. This batch includes Just Takes 2 blocks in various sizes, some from various issues of Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks, and others that just struck my fancy. Yesterday I took quite a few scraps ("crumbs") and made 3" four patches to fill in here and there. So this has been a stash cleaner upper-type of activity over the last few days. It is nice to see my blue box a little less jumbled as a result. Some of my other bins as pretty jumbled, too, but those will have to wait until the mood to clean up returns.

I am enjoying the Just Takes 2 project, which is a mystery quilt really, but I haven't done all of the blocks yet. Some are paper pieced, a process I don't enjoy. Right now I'm working on one that has appliqued melons reminiscent of Dear Jane.

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