Friday, March 9, 2012

Charleston, part one

Paul and I went to Charleston, SC, for a few days last week.  It has been on our "bucket list" for a while, and when we were deciding on a trip to someplace warm, it seemed like a good choice - walkable, no car needed, relatively warm to us northerners, lots of historical sites.  And we weren't disappointed.  It was charming and a nice break.  Temperatures were in the 70's for the most part, and our hotel was centrally located.  A free trolley circulates through the city, and we rode it several times to get nice views of things we'd like to go back to as well as of the Citadel, which is a little farther out.

Even though it was overcast and a little rainy, we took a ferry to Ft. Sumter on the first day.  Situated right where the rivers come together, it served as a strategic point throughout the city's history, until after World War II when German U-boats sailed along the Atlantic coast.   Built with fill, there's very little land there and all supplies had to be brought in, including water.  There are nice little museums there and at the ferry dock.
After our tour of Ft. Sumter, we needed to get back to the hotel where Carole & John were waiting for us.  So we took a ride with Dustin!  He wove in and out of traffic handily, and we enjoyed chatting with him.  We all bemoaned the cancellation of Triple Rush by the Travel Channel.  It featured my brother's bicycle messenger company where a couple of Dustin's biking buddies work. 
After drinks in the hotel lobby, the four of us went to a rib place for dinner and shared a free peach cobbler.  Truly a nice day!  After breakfast the next morning, Carole & John headed northward while we walked up Meeting St. to the Visitor's Center and more...

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karenfae said...

sounds like a great time. I have not been to South Carolina - one day.