Thursday, March 29, 2012

National Quilting Day secret sister gift

The mail brought a gift in honor of National Quilting Day, which was very welcome on a gloomy day.  We had drawn names in one online group I belong to, and Debbie M. got me.  Was I lucky!  Debbie had made me a potholder and a matching microwave pouch for baking potatoes (?).  Along with her sweet note were a pigma pen which I will need for an upcoming signature swap, folding scissors which will put in my traveling sewing kit right away, and a bias tape maker.  I've never used one of the latter, so it will be fun to play with.  
Earlier this month, I sent my former Dear Jane  secret pal, Pat, a package.  It's really fun to think of things to send, and it felt just like "old times" (2010).

1 comment:

Pat from Florida said...

Love your gifties! Very nice. Yes, it was like old times. Love it.