Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Quilts in the VHS collection

Last night, Jackie Calder, Curator of the Vermont Historical Society, gave a slide talk of the quilts in their collection to our guild.  It was fun to see some of the quilts I helped re-roll onto acid-free rolls or sewed hanging sleeves onto last year.  They have become old friends to me.

These two Carolina Lily quilts were made by Mrs. and Miss Bolster.  They are perfect!  The quilting is amazing, and I love the darker beige outer border on Mrs. Bolster's.  A Barre history room is opening in VHS this July, and some of the 11 quilts in the Bolster Collection will be temporarily on display then. 

Monday, I attended a volunteer luncheon at VHS followed by a walk through the new exhibit spaces.   A new gallery, opening after the Barre history room, will feature Vermonters in the Civil War.  Jackie said that during that war historians estimate that 250,000 quilts were made and sent to the front.  Of those, only 20 have been documented as surviving!


karenfae said...

one sees very few quilts shaped in the way the one on the right is. I assume that fits down by the foot board of a bed if it has a foot board?

Pat from Florida said...

Beautiful quilts! Love pink/green combo.