Friday, March 9, 2012

Cobblestone Quilt Show

As Paul and I were walking to catch the ferry to Ft. Sumter, we spotted a banner announcing a quilt show in Charleston.  I was so pleased when he suggested we go on Friday.  It was in a large auditorium with plenty of space for larger quilts and vendors downstairs and wall-sized and smaller quilts in the mezzanine.
I was surprised to see two of the same, exact quilt - the red one in the center near the top - using the same Alex Anderson toile fabric line.  But it was pretty even in duplicate.  The vendors were around the perimeter of the room, but they bumped up against some of the show quilts.  I like them a little less integrated, I guess.  I didn't shop at all because we had brought quite a few clothes, not knowing what weather we'd run into.  So there wasn't room in the suitcase, and I don't need anything anyway. 
I  was impressed that they had a separate section for all the show winners, except Viewers' Choice.  It was kind of nice to see them arranged that way.  Because I have been thinking about various layouts for my Stack and Whack quilt, I was pleased to see this one. It's so bright and cheery.  I like that "twist and turn" setting and the accent colors, especially the lime green. 
Another quilt that caught my eye is this sampler.  I enjoy making samplers, probably because of the variety, and like to incorporate both pieced and appliqued blocks.  These colors are outside my "comfort zone" but it really is a nice quilt.  I like the scrappy half-square triangle border, too. 
Finally, my favorite quilt of the show was this map of the Charleston area.  It gives me quite a good idea for a future project.  It was beautifully quilted, and you can see the tiny dot that is Ft. Sumter right at the mouth of the harbor.


Pat from Florida said...

What luck to just 'find' a quilt show! I love that sampler layout too.

karenfae said...

I love the center applique in that large sampler quilt - it kind of looks like Farmer's Wife blocks enlarged and set on point how I did my small one that I am quilting. Nice coming upon a quilt show on vacation!