Sunday, March 18, 2012

Triangle tablerunner

A few years ago, my Dear Jane secret pal Karen sent me some triangles made of heavy paper for piecing similar to hexagons.  I used a charm pack called "serenity" and found I could get two triangles from each square.  The basting was easy after Kim showed me how to use paper clips to fold the edges over.  But slip-stitching took me a long time.  Perhaps it was the colors, perhaps it was the size of the pieces.  But I just couldn't see to sew them by hand that well.  I finally finished this very small tablerunner on Flimsey Friday a couple of weeks ago.  It didn't take long, and it looks quite sweet on the guest room bureau.  I can re-use the triangles and probably will someday.  Those triangles make a nice take-along project.


karenfae said...

it looks so nice - I'm so glad that you were able to use - I've given up on paper piecing with them and just doing regular piecing.

Pat from Florida said...

OK. You know her name is Karen? How is that? Is this a former secret pal? Hey! Just sayin. OK. Really. Love the triangle tablerunner.