Tuesday, March 20, 2012

More stackin' and whackin'

I had some leftover triangles from the stack and whack quilt, so I cut a few more.   The missing blocks have white backgrounds, and yesterday I put them all together into a 24" square.  Now for some borders.  I have plenty of the orange but think they will be chocolate brown along with a wide border of the print.  That orange is going to haunt me, I think, because I bought way too much.  I foresee a lot of orange bindings in my future!

Don't know if I'll get to that border or binding today, though.  I have quilt guild tonight so have to put together a crackers and cheese tray, as well as something hearty for lunch (eggplant parmesean and marinated green bean salad, I think).   Yesterday I started working on this month's step of the guild mystery quilt which is beginning to look like something now - and quite a nice something, using Christmas scraps.

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Pat from Florida said...

Looks great! My goodness, you do keep busy in retirement!