Friday, November 23, 2012

A Quick Gift

The day before Thanksgiving, I made up this little evening bag for my Mom for Christmas.  A few years ago, I made her one for summer with an old hankie and some cream fabrics.  Someone gave her a lovely Belgian linen hankie for her 90th birthday, so she requested a black bag for winter evenings.  Yes, she still goes out of an evening!  To the symphony gala, opera benefits, etc.  So for this "runaround" gal, I made another Lazy Girl Run Around Bag. 

It's hard to see from the picture, but I used a variety of black-on-black fabrics, including a Fairy Frost.  I had been concerned about the high contrast between black and white, but the F.F. helped with that since it has a sheen of its own.  The lining features a whimsical black and white fabric.  I handstitched the hanky on before putting the pieces together.  This is an easy pattern and I ought to make a few more.   I have lots of hankies left in my stash from Jay's late mother's collection.  A satisfying project for an afternoon!

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Mary said...

The evening bag turned out so cute. Great idea.