Sunday, November 11, 2012

Blocks of the Month

I finished quilting Karen's quilt and sewed the binding onto the front.  Hooray!  I can hand stitch the binding down while Jacqueline is here, if we're sitting in the living room just chatting.  She won't be here long, but then there's also the Thanksgiving holiday in case I don't get to it.  The party will be on the 30th so there is plenty of time.  I'll take a picture once it's done.

Before Jacqueline arrives, I need to clean my sewing room, but first I thought I'd catch up on various blocks of the month and week.  On Saturdays, I print out and try to start "Grandmother's Choice," Barbara Brackman's weekly blocks and stories about the women's suffrage movement.  I ended up doing this week's, Little Red Schoolhouse, today because of yesterday's state guild meeting.  But it's done.  These can be difficult because they are 8.5" unfinished, which can make for some interesting math when it's a nine-grid block.

Next, I did the Block Lotto block in black, white, and bright pink this month.  The winner takes all, and so far I haven't won even though I did three blocks last month in an attempt to win.  We can do up to four.  If I have some time later in the month, I'll try to do another.  It should make a great quilt.

Finally today, I made "Swamp Patch," this month's Cornucopia of Thanks block.  I noticed last month when I laid out all the blocks I'd made so far, that I really needed a few more green ones.  Hence, the lime green and bright pink (nearly red).  There are only three more blocks to make and then we put them all together.  Can't wait.   I do like the pace of blocks of the month except that I sometimes forget what fabric I used when I'm making a sampler.  For the guild block of the month (12" finished size) I'm using green and blue, and I'm using the same color scheme for the guild square robin in 6" (finished size) blocks.  I plan to make some 3" and 9" blocks to go with those later this winter, too.

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Pat from Florida said...

I just love the pinks with black and white! These blocks are so easy and so fun! Good luck in the drawing.