Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

I tried to get out of cooking tomorrow, really.  I called all sorts of restaurants in the area, but only one is open and it's always booked solid.  So we are having the next best thing - pot luck, more or less.  Rob is coming from New Jersey, and Sandy and Cindy are coming from Montpelier with vegetables and pie.  The rest of the menu will include a boneless turkey which is currently thawing in the refrig., potatoes au gratin, zucchini bread (also defrosting), and a roasted squash with craisins and ginger.  I got some vanilla frozen yogurt and whipped cream to go with the pie, and of course some extras like black olives and cranberry sauce.  Easy peasy.  I have some turkey gravy and biscuits-in-a-can for Friday's leftovers. 

I am truly thankful to be healthy and happy, engaged in life in many ways, and with good friends and a loving family.  If I had to make a quilt block to put into the Cornucopia of Thanks this year, it would surely be "peace and plenty."   May your holiday be full of fun and surprises!

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I too am doing some of the easy ways out of cooking - turkey gravy in a jar, cranberries in a can, crescent rolls in a can -- ect. smallest turkey breast I could find was just under 6 pounds will still have a couple meals of leftovers out of that.