Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Sunny Election Day

Yesterday we had a snow squall in the morning.  Everyone groaned, but I noticed the city paving a street in the [brief] blizzard anyway.  It was windy and gloomy all day which made it seem even colder.  I went to WalMart and bought a head band so my ears stay warm when out walking.  I look dorky, but what the heck!  The snow melted almost as soon as it fell, but I resolved to shop for some pants warmer than jeans soon.

Today it's sunny which makes everything nicer, and the parking lot at the school was packed when we went to vote.  After nearly four years in the town (as opposed to the city), I am finally feeling a part of things as I know many of the people helping out at the polls.  I will be really happy when tomorrow comes, just so we won't have all those awful ads on TV and so our landscape will no longer be littered with signs.  Of course, I won't be happy if the "right" people don't win.

This afternoon I plan to attach the third and last section of the autograph quilt to the rest.  That's a little intense since parts already quilted need to match up well.  I sew the top sections together, cut the batting so I can use batting tape to put it together, and then sew the back seam by hand over the whole thing.  Then I quilt the parts that haven't been quilted yet.   I doubt if I'll finish this process by the end of the day, but after this is all done, I'll be able to add and quilt the side borders.  Hope to be done with all of this by Friday so I can attach a binding.

In between, I've been reading Jennifer Chiaverini's The Giving Quilt which I'm enjoying pretty much.  While I've never really enjoyed short stories, that's what many of her books are even though they are embedded in a common scenario.  In this case, the Elm Creek Quilters are holding a special retreat, and the book focuses on several of the campers.  The first few stories were interesting, but Chiaverini spends entirely too much time on one about a widowed teacher.  I skimmed a bit to get past it, and am looking forward to the final story.

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I found some nice flannel lined pants when we were in Wisconsin at a store called Duluth Trading Company - they are a little bulky but I bought them mainly for working outside on the house in the fall and winter - unless we have a really cold snap we tend to work outside for most of the winter here - most of our two months or so of winter we are in the 40's to 50's daytimes although we do get those weeks of 30's but they don't last real long.