Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"A true Vermont day..."

     ...That's what the news blog called yesterday's weather.  When we woke up, it was lightly drizzling freezing rain, but soon it turned to pelting snow.  The kids all got snow-covered waiting for the school bus.  I looked at the thermometer and it was hovering around the freezing point.  The roads were slushy at first, so I decided to sew for a while before going to the grocery store.  By around 10:30 am, I couldn't stand it anymore and headed out.  The roads were a mix of just wet and icy patches, and Hannaford's parking lot was full of sloppy wet stuff.  It was hard to push the carts around, and the snowplow was trying hard to work around the cars.  I was glad to get back home.

     I've been working on a memory quilt, gathering orphan blocks and making them all 12" square to  border a center medallion.  I'm using what I consider "neutrals" (navy, red, black, brown) around them to get them all to fit, and by the time I've attached them, the quilt will be 72" square.  It's fun working with blocks that date back to 2005 and my Dear Jane days.  Memory lane!  Hope to finish today or tomorrow and then start piecing the back.

     Yesterday I was feeling a little overwhelmed by holidays, the tragedy in Connecticut, some endless gloomy days, iffy driving conditions.  So I decided to streamline my life for a change.  I simply said I wasn't going to the three meetings tonight and tomorrow night that popped up with little notice.  And I feel a whole lot less stressed.  Amazing what saying "no" can do for the psyche!  Today I plan to go to the post office with two more packages, then head to the Health Dept. for a TDap shot (Pertussis is on the rise but I really need the Tetanus part), and, if we're lucky, have lunch at the new Cornerstone Restaurant everyone's talking about. 

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I got the booster shot a couple weeks ago for the DPT - I just went ahead and got the one that covers all three. I think the CT thing has everyone down a bit - we are all having a hard time dealing with tragic things - too many things going on in the world.