Saturday, December 15, 2012

Working on UFOs

The news is so horrific and such a contrast to what this holiday season should be all about.  As therapy, I am buried in fabric and working hard on various UFOs.  The other day I did a little assessment and found I have eight projects going on right now.  That's a few too many, even for me:
  •  I did a couple of Grandmother's Choice blocks a few days ago, and today there's a new weekly block which I'll work on tomorrow.  These are more difficult than they might seem because they're an odd size - 8" finished.   I'm using muslin as a background and scraps of many colors for this one.
  • I made the guild block of the month, a 12" square in a square, with a snowflake in the center.  This is another stashbuster, in blues and greens. 
  • I have yet to do this month's guild "block robin" block, but I did look at Jennine's fabrics and picked out a 9" block to make.
  • Cornucopia of Thanks is a monthly quilt along I've been doing online.  I had ten blocks done and need 16.  Today I made 3 more, way ahead of the group.  But it's one project that I can see an end to, so I hope to work on the last 3 blocks in the coming week.  I have the sashing and cornerstones done, too, so it won't be hard to finish. 
  • There are nine 12" signature blocks from an online group that need to be put together.   Maybe I will leave them until it's time to put together the Around the World swap blocks made with the same group.  They might be a good basis for the back?
  • I'm expecting some Sylvia's Bridal Sampler Christmas swap blocks any day now.  Shall I make a table runner?  I'll have to wait and see how they "play" together.
  • The Calico County challenge fabric is hanging on my design wall for inspiration.  One is a blue/brown print and the other a soft yellow.  I have almost decided to make a basket block with them.  Maybe it will just be a hotpad, since the finished product needs to be no more than 12".  This means a trip to the LQS to get some "Insulbrite."
  • And then there's that pesky L'il Twister block I made last week and a box of disconnected (a/k/a orphan) blocks I was going to put together into a 2012 "memory" quilt.   
Yes, all good projects to keep my mind focused on positive things in life.  My heart goes out to the families touched by tragedy in what should be a time of fun.

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

keeping busy is key to a relaxing day and keep the bad stuff away - news has been off all day but I will look at the evening news then shut it off again