Sunday, March 24, 2013

Coupla blocks

I've been procrastinating today.  I have more binding to stitch down on a giant lime/licorice quilt, so I  worked on a few blocks today.  One is for Mary as part of the Around the World Swap.  I love her bright orange floral and have been dying to use a nice bright orange from my stash.  What I like about this swap is the ability to shop the stash.


Next, I made another green and blue block to add to the ones I've been making as part of my guild's block of the month.  Micheline had wondered how to make this Pam Bono block, so Jen drafted it and put the instructions up on Facebook.  It turned out OK although I wish I had used a different medium fabric.  Just another Sunday in Wildersburg!  Guess now I'll put a few more stitches into that binding!

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Snippets of Carol said...

Love the orange for Mary, its different fabric then what she sent me. Your block pattern is so nice, may have to try that one.