Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Snow = productivity

It was a beautiful morning although clouds are rolling in now.  They make me nervous since we already had 8-10" of snow over the last 36 hours.  Still, it was nice to get up to a clean, fluffy world.  This is the view from our back porch.  You can see that Max the dog really enjoys snow.  It never stays pristine for long.

Yesterday, after finishing the batik quilt top, I enjoyed reading two new books, one by quilter Edita Sitar, and another by mystery writer Erin Hart.  The mystery involves a body found in an Irish peat bog.  Before I encountered Erin Hart, I never knew bodies could be preserved for centuries in bogs.  The characters are really good in her books, as is the suspense.

This morning, I finished what will be the center of a round robin that I'm joining in with an online group.  I get nervous using red with strangers but will add a note asking people to wash anything they add.  The center is 15" finished and each of the next five rounds will be 5" finished.  Should be fun!

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

well the snow is pretty, maybe you won't get too much more - it is close the end of March after all.