Monday, June 24, 2013

A nice day

Summer has arrived in Vermont.  Hot and humid conditions are forecast for the week.  Yesterday morning's walk through the woods was soggy but fun, with 7 of us and a dog.   Samantha was taking it easy since her back was acting up, and we took an easy loop.  I left the group early to get back and change before Bob and Pauline joined us for lunch.  Salads were on the menu since it's too hot for much else. 

We got to the opera house a little early to see my quilts on display, and then really enjoyed Don GiovanniIt was truly the best we've had in the annual offering.  The orchestra was on the stage with the action happening in front, in the audience, and in the orchestra pit, with minimal props and modern dress.  This put the emphasis on the music, which was just fine.   Many of the musicians come from Montreal and beyond, and we noticed a tour bus with operagoers, probably from Montreal also. 

During the show, we heard rumbles of thunder and even rain on the roof, so we were glad to be indoors.  Apparently, there were power outages around the area so we were lucky the storm didn't affect the opera house.  Afterwards, we said goodbye to Bob and Pauline and headed to Montpelier where we joined Chet and Karen for dinner at the Royal Orchid Thai restaurant.  It was Chet's birthday, so we had a very festive evening, sharing all the dishes including three desserts.  The fried bananas with coconut ice cream were delicious! 

On the drive home, Paul said that it felt like we were on vacation - good friends, good times.   There was a bonus when we got home - Chris had fixed the storm door in the kitchen so it closes again.  Who could ask for more?!?

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sounds like you had a busy nice social day! isn't summer nice