Sunday, June 2, 2013

A walk in the woods

We are having a heat wave - temperatures well into the 80's with high humidity.  Days like this make me think about cutting my hair, but luckily they don't last too long.  It's supposed to cool off tonight/tomorrow morning.  Yesterday Paul, Chris and I took a walk in the new town forest, and we found some cool spots along the trail to the Grand Lookout.

This is an abandoned quarry but so refreshing looking.  Many of the quarries are smaller and have fairly stagnant water, so the pollen and dust has settled on top.  The forest is really amazing in that you come upon the old quarries as you walk along.  The whole 350 acres is dotted with them.

There are many grout piles, some of which make tall overlooks that you can walk to.  Along the trail to the Grand Lookout with its nearly 360 degree view are some large piles of "waste" stone, called "grout" by the Scottish who first quarried.  Local sculptors have been making little carvings in the grout which are fun surprises as you walk along.

There are some owls, the head of a sentry, a funny face, the state seal, and these hands trying to get out from behind the stone.

The sculptors left the pneumatic drill machinery up on the trail, so I imagine they'll be putting finishing touches on their work this week.  We'll be back.

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it looks pretty = I bet northern Vermont has a lot of pretty places to hike and see nature -