Thursday, May 30, 2013

Over the moon!

Yesterday, I had a call from Cher, the development director at the Barre Opera House, who asked if I have any quilts to display.  They always have paintings and other art work by area artists, and it seems they don't have anything on the walls right now.  I was just amazed and sooo excited!  I have long thought about having a show of my own, but wasn't sure how to organize one... or even if I was good enough!

I identified at least 12 quilts that might work and packed them up along with binder clips, dowels, and curtain rods.  Our house looks rather bare - many of the quilts on the walls are gone.  The catch was that they needed the quilts before the weekend performances, and since I'm at the historical society Fridays, today was the only day I could take them down.

So this morning, Paul and I loaded up the car and headed downtown.  Cher was vaccuuming the lobby ("other duties as required") and helped us hang ten quilts.  There was picture molding in a few places and some cloth-covered bulletin boards in other areas.   As you can see the quilts are of many sizes, but most of them are smaller, including the bed-sized ones.

The director, Dan, got out a tall ladder and was determined to hang one of my quilts up high.  He made us all mighty nervous climbing up there, but did manage to balance the quilt on a curtain rod on two nails.  It's sagging, so it may fall down eventually.

There's going to be a statewide conference on historic preservation at the opera house next week, and some of the quilts are perfect, including my "Full Duty" Civil War sampler. There are three based on Dear Jane, including the blue and white one, the Asian one, and the baby quilt in 1930's fabrics.  It's very appropriate considering Jane Stickle lived in Vermont. 

The quilts will be up til the end of July.  I still can't get over it all!


Pat from Florida said...

Wowzers! And well-deserved!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

how nice - what a complement to you