Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New Town forest

I am probably the least fitness-conscious person you know.  I try to keep busy, but I hate to exercise.  Today my "exercise" was gardening.  I planted more tomatoes and some flowers.  There were, unfortunately, no impatiens at the garden store, and the clerk told me there was a virus (or maybe a fungus?).  So I got some New Guinea impatiens for the front flower bed instead.  They look nice, but I need a bright flowering something that tolerates shade for my window boxes.  Will keep looking!

Sunday we met some folks to walk in the new Town forest.  A couple of years ago, the Town voted $100,000 to purchase part of 350 acres of forest land and apply for grants for the rest, in order to preserve the area for hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, etc.  The final paperwork was signed March 29, and the Recreation Board, which I am on, is charged with overseeing the forest's maintenance and operation.  We want to get people exploring, so I contacted a couple of friends who might be interested in leading hikes regularly.  Samantha and Suzy, both former teachers, came with Paul, town manager Carl, his wife Kate, their dog Taz, and me for a leisurely two hour walk.


It was fun! This is the area of town where people first started quarrying granite back in the 1800's, much of it with horses, oxen, and their bare hands. Eventually the railroad came up and made the industry grow. There is a vein of fine granite under Barre that should last 4400 years! As one walks through the forest, there are old quarries hidden in the trees.

With 20 miles of trails, we will be busy exploring for some time to come.  Suzy and I are going to try to walk every Tuesday morning, and we'll advertise this and hope to get some companions along the way.  We hope Samantha will be willing to lead some walks on Sunday mornings.  I have a couple of neighbors who might be interested in joining us or starting their own groups.  This is the kind of exercise that I can enjoy!