Saturday, May 25, 2013

Blame it on the grill

We bought a new gas grill Wednesday.  It had been warm and muggy, and we knew the holiday weekend was coming up.  So we figured we'd better get shopping before the crowds.  I can't quite remember what happened to the old gas grill, but I think we gave it to one of my employees who got married several years ago.  He had a barbecue for his wedding reception and needed a couple of grills. 

Since then, we've been using a charcoal grill that Chris found free along his street.  It's a Weber kettle and works fine, but it takes a long time to fire up.  I think we used it three or four times last summer.  Hence, the gas grill.  Maybe I'll use it more.  We studied Consumer Reports and went to Walmart twice to look.  We ended up at our friendly downtown hardware store where we bought one all assembled, put it in the car, and set it up on a large slab of granite next to the back porch. 

Then it began to rain.  And rain.  And rain!  We have probably had six inches of rain over the last four days, with no sign of stopping.  Temperatures have been in the 40's today and will be again tomorrow.  There have even been reports of snow just an hour or so north of us.  This morning, we went up to our favorite used bookstore and the power went out due to high winds.  It's pretty hard to browse in the dark, so we headed home where we read and I quilted.  Nevertheless, we are going to buy some steaks tomorrow and grill them even if we have to do it in the rain.   Summer is bound to arrive some time!

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I feel for you I really do Marianne - here it was really much cooler than normal for most of May and it has been so nice to put off using the A/C for awhile but starting tomorrow the days and nights are to start edging towards the high 80's to low 90's close to 70 at night - darn - I could really do with the 70's daytime and 50's nighttime - knew it wouldn't last - get the steaks out and hold up an umbrella and enjoy!