Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ready to quilt

Despite the heat and humidity, I managed to finish piecing the back and the batting for my Heart of Vermont 2013 Sampler.  This morning, with the fan blowing right on me, I pin basted, so now I'm ready to quilt. 

This sampler includes guild blocks of the month, as well as some from the "block robin."  The center is the guild logo, and the sashing is some Australian fabric.  I had initially meant to make a totally blue and green quilt, but my friends in the block robin had other ideas for my fabric, pulling in some of the Australian fabric's color.  How smart they are!  I like it better this way.

Underneath this quilt is the almost-finished nine patch quilt which "only" needs its binding sewn down on the back.  It's so warm these days that I am debating whether to machine stitch it instead.  I'm procrastinating by beginning work on the sampler instead.

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