Sunday, January 25, 2015

Going around the world

I belong to an online swap group and each year we do a group swap of one kind or another.  It used to be one block with a signature.  But we all had too many signature blocks, and some of us give our quilts away or even sell them.  So we settled on what we call an "Around the World" swap, much like Jennifer Chiaverini describes in The Cross Country Quilters.  Each of us chooses a fabric (or more than one) and sends a piece to each other person.  They then make a block that tells a little about them using that fabric and return it to the owner. 

Today I made these four "Peace and Plenty" blocks for people in Colorado, North Carolina, Indiana, and Pennsylvania.  I love the way the block looks different with the different fabrics.

I chose "Peace and Plenty" because I love retirement - having plenty of time to do whatever I enjoy and giving me peace of mind.   Can't ask for much more these days.

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

retirement is good isn't it - plenty of time to do the things we love.