Friday, January 9, 2015

New year's projects

On another blog, I read that many people choose one word to signify their goal for the coming year.  No, mine doesn't really relate to quilting although perhaps a little bit, tangentially.  My goal for 2015 is to be more "kind."  I am an ultra-critical person, and I let people get under my skin.  I need to let their behavior just roll off my back and try to see that the good in what they're doing.   

This year, kindness will perhaps be more necessary than usual because I have passed the role of vendor coordinator to two very inexperienced women.  This fall, I realized they had not even begun to think about what they should be doing.  I tried to help by emailing my files (for the second time) and inviting them to go with me to a quilt show where I could introduce them to some of the vendors would want to be at our show this spring.  They didn't even reply to my invitation.  But I am not chair of the show, so I need to sit on my hands (or perhaps use them to cover my mouth) and let them proceed at their own pace, with the chair's guidance.

Also, there are a few new members of the Friends of the Library who are trying in their own ways to help out.  Bulldozing along, they need to learn some manners,  but they really care and want to do what's best  for the group.  The other day one called me, and while her tone was abrasive, I tried to be as kind as I could, thanking her for her hard work.  (She would never do the same!)  Will this rub off on her?  Maybe being kind will mean that I just have to hang onto my own manners even when someone is driving me crazy!

Anyway, on to my new year's projects of a more quilty nature.  I'm doing the Rainbow Scrap Challenge from last year.  Here are my first five blocks, one of which is too small and will need extra sashing, once I figure out what color I'm going to use.  This month's color is blue, and I'm really enjoying making these scrappy blocks.

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