Saturday, July 25, 2015

Heritage Days

I guess most small towns have their summer festivals, and Barre is no exception.  Heritage Days, formerly Homecoming Days, were this weekend and included all sorts of street activities, food, music, and, of course, the library book sale on the lawn.  It is exhausting but worth it.  Tomorrow I'll think so, anyway.  Today I'm tired from working at the book sale since 7:15 am.  We did make the front page of the paper with a very nice photo, and there were lots of people spending money and, at the end, filling boxes and bags full of freebies.  I came home with a few books, including an old Bobbsey Twins one that I'm going to try to sell for the library via Ebay.  We were lucky that it wasn't too hot today, but my feet are still in need of relief.  More tomorrow!

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I remember the Bobbsey Twins! Recently - my daughter Melanie found an old Nancy Drew book at a used book store in town - she open the front to take a look and there was her name and her sisters on the inside cover! She is 42 now and her sister is 39 - weird how "what goes around comes around" isn't it - she was just so excited to see an old book of hers come back to her.