Monday, July 13, 2015

Progress, but not photo-worthy

We spent 4th of July weekend painting our bedroom, which naturally involved moving furniture round and round the upstairs while we painted.  Things were stashed in odd places, and we slept in the guest room a few nights.  That was fine because we have air conditioning in there (it's my sewing room, too).  It did feel odd going to sleep in a strange bed/room.  We chose the same color as was there before - off white - because my blue and white Dear Jane is hung over the bed and I tend to change out our quilts periodically.
 Paul's gigantic, unused dresser went to the Salvation Army and was replaced by a slimmer bookcase which he is filling up fairly fast.  The new, queen-sized bed arrived Tuesday, and it's higher than the old.  How do short people get into them?  I ordered a padded headboard via EBay and it should arrive in a day or so.

Meanwhile, because it's been hot, I've been working in the sewing room a lot.  I finished this month's 10 red blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge and also caught up on Pat Sloan's "Vacation Time" block-of-the-month.  I was a couple of months behind on that.  I looked at the fabric I had picked for sashing and don't think it will go well with the blocks.  But I love it, so I guess I'll find another quilt to make with it.

I also worked on Linda's round robin quilt, but I can't show a photo just in case she is reading.  She sent a fairly large rectangle and only wants rows on the upper and right sides.  Her colors are light green, yellow and a goldish brown on a cream print background.  It is amazing how many greens there are, and also that I had only one piece of fabric in my stash that went with Linda's.  My 3" round (she wants to keep it small) didn't take long to finish and I hope she likes it.

Today I'm staying in the sewing room because it's going to be hot again.  I have one seam to put into a back for a sweet baby quilt top I made a few months ago.  I'll be sandwiching and quilting in the AC today.  When I'm not doing that, I'll be curled up with a good book on my Kindle, One Hundred Names, by Cecelia Ahearn.  My Kindle arrived during the painting project and it has been on constant use.  It's is too easy to load books, but I'm enjoying it even more than I thought!

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

so glad I have central A/C here in the south, a lot of people do not as I see the window units when I drive by - I'm not sure how they can stand it - I remember visiting when my parents first moved to Arkansas back in 1971 and it was so hot and humid for a summer visit - clothing would just stick to you -in the northern states that I lived in back in the 1970's we never had A/C and no one else did either - you had the windows open all the time and got used to the hot days - pretty quilt! nice to have a bedroom freshly painted I bet.