Thursday, July 16, 2015

Red scrappy blocks

On the Quilting Board someone asked how many people make one quilt at a time and how many work on several at once.  I'm of the latter variety, partly because I get sucked into working on blocks of the month promoted by quilters online.  This year I'm working on a rainbow scrap challenge organized by So Scrappy in 2014.  I liked her final result so thought I'd make the blocks this year.  Each month features 6" blocks using scraps in a particular color, and July's color is red.  I'm making 9" blocks to use up more scraps (silly me!), and here are mine for July:

In order to get the ten blocks into the picture, I had to stack one on top.  You can see that they are fairly easy which means I can usually get them made in a couple of days.  Despite my efforts to use up scraps, I still have plenty.  Still, this offers a good opportunity to focus on one box of fabric each month and I do spend some time weeding through.  I've found some nice big pieces for future projects, as well as some polyester pieces that have ended up in the trash.  My boxes of 2" and 2.5" blocks have grown, too.

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