Sunday, July 26, 2015

Quiet morning

The neighborhood had a quiet visitor on this damp, cloudy morning.  It's so nice to see a deer nibbling while I'm making breakfast.  It's a sign of our town's quieting down after a busy weekend.  The newspaper said that 15,000 people were expected during the Heritage Days celebration, but it seems that everyone participated in some way, either by helping organize an event, setting up, or cleaning up.  Today when I drove through town, several crews were quietly taking down the tents and others were picking up trash.  In an hour or so you wouldn't even know anything out of the ordinary happened, except that a sore back or feet might linger!

Today I'm going to get back to working on items to sell at the Rustic Moose holiday sale.  I have finished five reversible holiday table runners (Christmas/patriotic colors) and three Christmas stockings.  More stockings and, perhaps, a few potholders are on tap today.

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