Thursday, April 26, 2012

Life's little errands

There is something very reassuring about going on rather inconsequential errands and completing the normal chores of life.  It seems grounded and it's awfully satisfying when they're done.  Yesterday, I did some grocery shopping, baked a huge batch of oatmeal cookies (most are safely frozen by now), cooked beef stew in the crock pot, went to the drugstore for tissue and wrapping paper, and bought books for my niece's birthday and got them into the mail.  Today I went to the town hall to get supplies for Green Up Day (the Democrats are doing Hill St., with the city group doing the city portion and the town group doing the town's), Staples for mailers, and several loads of wash.  Later I'll get some stew into the freezer and work on sewing a binding down on the Amish quilt.  All very humdrum but part of what keeps us going.  The sun is shining and my daffodils are looking lovely.

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