Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"A Natural Woman"

I spent a good part of last weekend reading Carole King's autobiography which is on the best seller list.  As another reviewer said, "she wrote the soundtrack of my life."  It is amazing the number of songs she wrote the music and some of the words for - Up on the Roof, songs by the Monkees and Carpenters,  and much more besides her familiar songs from the Tapestry album.  While I was reading, I got out that album and two CDs from a boxed set I had.  So we've been having a Carole King fest around here.

Tonight Paul and I are going to hear Judy Collins at the Barre Opera House and I'm looking forward to more trips down memory lane.  I used to love to play Send in the Clowns on the piano.

The last few days we've had a houseguest, so the day before he came I was careful not to make too much of a mess in my sewing/guest room.  Of course, while he was here, I didn't go in either except to retrieve my checkbook.  Yesterday, I worked on an appliqued piece in the living room, which was good because this project has been neglected for quite a long time.  It was good to make some headway with it.

Dennis left this morning, so I got the room back to "normal" rather quickly - the bed is made with clean sheets, but it's covered with boxes and bags of quilting stuff.  I have been cutting charm squares for a swap and, at the same time, cutting other squares for an autograph quilt I'm planning to put together for our librarian.  I'm planning to make it very scrappy, using a block called "Ribbon Star" from Quilters Cache

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

it is hard giving up your sewing room for a guest room isn't it!
Love "bring in the clowns'