Monday, May 7, 2012

And here's another one...

Members of one of the guilds I belong to have been working feverishly on monthly clues for a mystery quilt.  I finished my top a few days ago, after much moaning and groaning!

It turns out to be Bonnie Hunter's "Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll" in Christmas colors.  The instructions used other fabrics, but we were told this would be a stash-buster, so I decided to use up my Christmas stash.  I ended up needing more of a few things, and I threw away some things that I didn't use and hated.  So now I can close the box.  I made too many pieces for the border (can't count!) and had a few loose Christmas blocks hanging around that I will put on the back.  Now that it's done I like it a little better, and I hope I still like it after I quilt it.  The guild has its "reveal" in June so I have a little time to get it quilted.


Mary said...

I like it! I made one of her quilts and used Christmas fabrics too. Great way to use that stash.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

you know although I read Bonnie's blog all the time I have never made one of her patterns - one day - like yours!