Friday, May 11, 2012

Flimsey Friday

I've been machine quilting that "flimsey" (the guild mystery quilt top pictured in my last post) all week, not just today.  After stitching in the ditch around all the center blocks, I worked on the borders for a couple of days.  Now I'm back working on a grid in the center.  It's tiring because each line of stitching is fairly long and requires a bit of measuring before I lay the painter's tape down.  It doesn't always stick, so I pin it, too.  But it's coming along, slowly but surely.  Yesterday, a friend from guild called to commiserate about the mystery quilt.  I told her it took me about a week to put the borders on, and that seemed to make her feel better because it had taken her that long, too.  It's always nice to have a friend to whine with!

Since I have to take regular breaks from machine quilting, I went to the garden center and planted some perennials in the new flower bed in the front yard.  It's very shady, so I got two kinds of hosta and an astilbe.  Someone in the garden group gave me a wild geranium which I hope lives in the deep shade.  After the daffodils finish blooming, I'll put in some impatiens for a load of color under our living room windows.  The crabapple tree out front is blooming and the guys just cut the grass, so it looks really nice outside.  And it's going to be a sunny weekend!

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