Monday, May 7, 2012

Heart of Vermont raffle quilt

This lovely quilt will be raffled off during the summer in support of the Aldrich Public Library!  Last summer, an area quilter/author gave me several bags of scraps, one of which was full of solids.  I washed a bunch of them, and my quilting friend Betty gave me several yards of Amish black from Keepsake Quilting.  I made up kits and distributed them to members of the Heart of Vermont Quilt Guild at our September meeting.  Each person could make any 12" block using solids and black, and early this winter, I put them all together.  I quilted the quilt in three sections and finally finished binding it in a nice burgundy a few weeks ago.   I love the graphic quality of Amish-style quilts, and despite the variety of blocks, it really turned out pretty.  It's a great reflection of the variety of tastes in our guild. 

Before posting it on the guild Facebook page, I wanted to show it to our librarian who is thrilled with the result.  I'll take it to the May guild meeting, held at the library, and then it will be ready to raffle off.  This summer, there are author programs every Wednesday night, so I'll be selling tickets then.  Of course, tickets will be available at the library circulation desk every day and at the annual summer booksale during Heritage Days.  I am hopeful that this will be a good fund raiser for the library; it's a good way for our guild to thank the library for free use of its space during the year.

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Mary said...

The quilt turned out lovely. I hope it earns lots of money for your library. Thank you for sharing.