Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A fabric diet

Phew!  I bought some fabric for the back of my red and white quilt the other day, and it cost nearly $100.   I love it, though, and hope I'll have some left over to add to the row-robin I hope to put together later in the summer.  I have a Joann's coupon that I plan to use this week on batting so I'll start quilting the red and white flimsey soon.  I will also have to get some white thread.

Meanwhile, I've decided to go on a few months' fabric diet.  My Calico County guild is planning a trip to Keepsake in NH for June, and I may bow out.  A Quilter's Garden offers a discount half a person's age during the five days before and after one's birthday, so I'm going to wait until the end of July for a big shopping spree at 32% off.  Until then, I'll shop my stash for the scrappy quilt I'm making for a friend and to finish that row-robin and the square-robin that's been going around to guild members.   I'll need to keep an eye on the Joann's coupons for batting since I have come to the end of the useable big pieces in my closet that I can piece together.  Of course, I am always telling myself to start making smaller quilts but that doesn't seem to happen!

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

Passing up on Keepsake will take some will power! I know what you mean though - we have to shop for bargains sometimes don't we - pricing keep raising and I try to find the places that sell good things at good prices.