Monday, May 21, 2012

State Quilt Guild meeting

Saturday I won the mother lode of fabric pieces in an auction at the Green Mountain Quilters Guild spring meeting here in Barre.  I have been washing and folding like crazy but haven't reached the end yet.  Chris asked me to make some curtains for his apartment, and I offered up the kelly green fabric with black tractors (with John Deere trademark on the selvage).  I was going to put it on the "free" table at guild, but he said that would be fine.  Green is his favorite color, and I can probably add a little black to tone it down. 

I had been worried about the meeting arrangements since it was the first time we've held it at our Knights of Columbus Hall.  But everything went fairly well.  People pitched in to move furniture as needed, and although we couldn't hang show and tell quilts from the ceilings as we can at Whitcomb High School, people were good sports about holding them up and carrying them around the room while we voted.

The main speaker, Joanne, told about how she became entranced with crop circles during a trip to England several years ago.  She showed slides of several of these phenomena and then also showed some quilts that she made based on them.  They are amazing!  You can read about Joanne's talk at Sonja Hakala's blog - there are some great photos there, too.  She sticks to greens and grain colors since those are the colors of the crop circles.  I don't think I could do that, though, since I love color far too much to restrict my pallette. 

All in all, it was a good day, and about half of the people said it was a good location.  So we booked the hall again for the November meeting.  :-)

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