Thursday, February 14, 2013

Around the World swap and a new toy

Last week I was close to being on top of the fat quarters that have been arriving for the Around the World swap.  But then a few more envelopes arrived this week and I am behind again.  I have until August to make the blocks, but I have liked a clean inbox!  My boss Patty was notorious for emptying out her inbox... into mine.  

At any rate, although the fat quarters have been arriving, I also received a block made by Connie with my butterfly fabric.

I have received four of these lovelies so far, and they "play" really well together, perhaps with black sashing.  My design wall is full of Dresden Plate blocks at the moment, so I can't take a picture of them together.  That will have to wait until a future post.  But this picture was taken with my new iPhone.  So far, I'm enjoying learning how to use that new gadget.  I even downloaded an app!

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